Friday, July 25, 2008

M . V . S

Hi~~~ my dear Maggie, my dear roomate.

Nah~~~ dun say that i treat you bad. At least i wrote sthing for you. He he... Not bad, right?? Touching???

Welcome Back on 29th July~~~

By the way, of course i cannot forget you, SookYi. Hi~~~ Sookyi (my hon) haha......
Since you mentioned you are not a good fren like wat i think.
Then... For you, it can only be "Welcome to visit our (mag n my) room". Hehe.....

(Here we are...)


The first baby in our family.
Name: Tan Kah Wye
Chinese: 邓嘉纬
Christian: Austin
DOB: 3 May 2008

He is my first niece. I am an aunt now. Huh.... sound old. hehe.... i prefer he call my Chinese name "yie", i dun wan 阿姨, 大姨. Yie is good enough. hehe.... i am eager to go home and hug HIM.

(This is bodak Austin and his time to hold the milk bottle!)

Welcome Austin~~~ we love you so much~~~

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Hi.... to my dear frens who checked whether do i update my blog and push me to write sthing. hehe... Finally, i start my blog again. As you know, i have no patient, i'm lazy, i have a lot of excuses, i have no mood, i have no idea to write anyhitng. So.... now only i wanna post a new blog. keke.... just want to make my blog got some new things and update you all how is my life here.

TRAINING lo.... hais.... tat's a very tiring job. (this main point is we have no ALLOWANCE, event one cent) Wat to do??? I still have to work happy to pass my 5 months training. Luckily and also feeling fast that now is the 4th month already. The first month ---> FRONT OFFICE. It was nice, chatted with different NICE guests, grabbed some food in the club lounge and em.. sometimes be a VASE at the front desk lo... ( Sometimes i felt pity, cham bcoz cant help anything, only standing)
(This is my front office uniform. Some1 said this is looked like a old woman. = =")

Actually is quite difficult to pass the first month, have to change a new mood to face a totally different environment. (I'm not a student anymore, i'm a worker/employee/staff) The first and second month, i felt like i have become older, even aileen. Let me to introduce her 1st, she is not only my colleague, she is also my housemate, classmate (term1~4), kitchen partner(term 1~3). Haha.... she is also the one who accepts all my bad temper. hehe.... (Sen fu sai nei la!) but i will change it.... "qing xu hua", *_<
(looked messy, bcoz we just finished woking)

We felt tat we became older because there is no more enertainment, no more shopping during training, (i think my parent like me become like this!) We were tired, no mood to go out, only wan to sleep and rest in the room, even offday. See... we are only 19 0r 20 years old. But our life just likes.... Hais.... Now, everything is ok and get used to it. We have upgraded sthing ---> we are not only going to sunway pyramid. Now is Pavilion/ Time Square. He he... Pavilion for watching and makan. Time Square for playing "arcade games". It's a nice entertainment. We can vent our working anger, feeling by playing games. NICE!
(it showed how tired we are!!!)

(finished dinner, gonna to play games in time square.)

The Second month is Food and Beverage department. Be a waitress. :) Damn damn tired (especially coffee house). Sigh... Stood for whole day except the oly 1 hour lunch time.

(ah lan "aileen" and I with unifrom look, looked smart?? hehe...)

The Third month is Training department. It sounded like very nice, rite??? OK OK lo..... Face the laptop everyday, update the data everyday, got tea break everyday and also take photoS during the training session (very embarrassing) . Just a simple office life.

(She is a nice trainer in CPMKL. :)

The Forth month is Sales and Marketing (Business Development Department) A new name for the department wua. he he.... sound like an interesting department, right??? It can be considered as NOT BAD. In this department, i can follow the sales managerS to go out and meet the clients. He he.... this is really fun and nice (but only can observe)! The staffs in this dept are super duper busy, so there is no one talked to me when i were in the office. I felt bore there. They taught me and talked to me only when i follow them to go out. 他们很冷漠啊! Suan la... gonna finish soon. In reservation department now. This is a very nice department, they are caring and talkative (chatted wit me). he he....

This is my training life........ @@

(Breakfast every morning when our shift is same. hehe... jealous???)

Monday, March 31, 2008

I hate Them

I hate taxi driverS who work around PJ (mentari court n ridzuan condo), Sunway, subang Areas.
U can see many white cloth n black trousers Man ready at outside of mentari. Wat r they waiting for??? Gonna "chop" the passenger, set a high price for US!!! haiz.....

normal price from mentari court to pyramid is rm7, sometimes is Rm8 if traffic jam, but by meter is only rm3.20. Normal price from mentari to ridzuan is Rm5, but by meter is only around 2.50. N then here to subang is RM7 or 8, but from subang to here is Rm10. See... THEIR ATTITUDE. They control the price. we only can argue but din change any.

U know... last time i went to pyramid from ridzuan, then the he said "Ok, RM5. (wua~~ y so good?) I only sent u to the Jejantas." WAT??? oh my god~~~ n then he said there is very jam n no taxi wan to go, they all played card. WAT??? ah~~~~ how come???

One more, we come back mentari from carfour subang. The taxi A said Rm10 la (but wen i come is only Rm7 lo) . huh... then i said ok Rm10 to 2 places, mentari n ridzuan. Wat they said again? "cannot la, moi. add more Rm2 la." So i insist on Rm10 to 2 places. Finally his fren said ok n asked us to go to Taxi A's car. Taxi A also started his engine n pick us wit his BLACK face. Damn hate him la... wat da???? *sigh*

(kaeyee n I inside the taxi, he is the one i hate!!!)

SO.......... i dun HATE them.... (but still got a few is good, mayb 1 or 2 ONLY)

Imagine tat IF i hav a car here, i can drive here, then...
i dun need to take cab again,
i dun need to ask about the taxi fee again,
i dun need to argue wit them again,
i dun need to see their black face,
i dun need to wait cab in front of mentari in the noon,
i dun need to ...............

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Let's Yell together~~~

Ah~~~~~~~~~~ Uh hu~~~~~~~~ finished exam lu~~~~~ a

(second last day of exam, having dinner!!! 17 --> we r same floor in mentari.)

Finally, we have finished our evil week la..... Last paper is one hour law paper. So it took a short time n we can finished tat quickly. hehe....... nice!!! After exam, everyone looked like dun wan to go home. All stood at courtyard or in front of ATM. Wat we did there?? Plan for night, chit-chat(not related to exam anymore) and......... em..... took photo (this is quite lame, but i did it)! hehe......

So, my plan was playing bowling, n then went to MURNI for dinner, then yum cha at Halo Cafe....

Actually i felt like go to play bowling, coz i hope to throw something to vent the bored feeling out. BUT the bowling was not available for the whole week. T.T.... this is becoz there is a bowling competition in pyramid. OH NO~~~ u know, damn "nyiak sai", "sien" ==" then how is it??? We went to playing arcade games, the one beside pyramid cinema. ---> not bad, still can vent some feeling out...

Then next station is Murni. WOW wow~~~ the food is very NICE!!! i know tat ROTI HAWAII (i ordered this) is very nice. Claypot lou shu fen is quite good (zhen, yeemun n jen ordered). "Cheese nam" is so so lo for me (Sj ordered), but this is suitable for the one who is addicted. Cannot miss a special drink with ur meal, i hav order watermelon special (nice!).

(A large watermelon special AND a regular ribena special)

LAst, Halo Cafe. Wat we did there?? As like usual chatted n played card. Some more, DARE OR NOT (no one wonna play truth or dare, no one interested in some one, hehe... fren wat). Dare zhen to pull the JUSCO TROLLEY in front of hao cafe, beside the road. Dare Jen to say HI wit a stranger. the funny thing is the uncle igonre her n walked directly. Keke...... dare Sj to call some1 n scolded her n then said wrong number. the one she called was sleeping.... n so on.... Luckily, YeeMun n i were the winner of the night... i din get any punishment~~~
Then we back be4 12, this is becoz my fren, ym is a cinderella. She must go back be4 12... so our plan ended quite early...

Overall, tonight is quite happy n fun wit sj, zhen, se gui n new bad fren Jen...

(we din take any pic, so..... there r Sj, zhen, me, jen n se gui)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My SiLent ECON Weekend

Haiz.... the period tat every student hates is gonna to meet me la... my Final Exam is going on now.... the first day of my exam is the difficult subject -- ECONOMY. (shit lo)

All my classmates r hate it very very much... In their msn, some said "i hate u", some said "try my best to love u", some said "evil week", some said "stressful" n some said.....
See.... i think i cant find a good word to describe it... too bad...

Actually I dun know how to study Econ, I hav a group study with frens, I have asked a lot question, I have memorized lots, I have…. At last, I dun know wat I got in my brain la…

For my weekend, actually i hav planned to watch movie, 27 dresses n Duyung. but there is some problem that cause mag n i didn't do tat. So just stay in room, watched phua chu kang, play games. My dear roommate is quite silent in this 2 days. She enjoyed her Sunday in the room, using earphone watch movie and be fren wit phua chu kang. So I was also be quiet on Sunday = damn boring!!! I think this will be only a short time la…. Mag, let me know wat u want, even u need a private space.

Deng deng~~ Monday morning, time to die la…. Everyone looked like steady, finished the paper quickly wich means within one hour to write 3 pages. For me, I dun hav enough time to do, skip 2 questions, (forget about it!!!)
When I asked my frens, their respond is “sure die one”, “nothing can do to face the econ paper”. “better come out quickly". hehe..... now only i knew tat everone is some la.... except those "geng geng" top students la...

Finally, ECONOMY..... bye.... :)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Ma funny Famille ^^

my funny family~~~ they r quite special for me.

Actually they r same wit other parents ~ worry about our life in kl,

~ dun like us go out lepak,

~ hope us always stay at home,

~ always call them n chatting,

~ n ....

Yup... they r same. They asked me to call them everyday.

But they dun wan to chat with me. Y ah???

hehe.... this is the point tat they r funny.

They like to pass my phone to others, sthing like when i called my sis, she will pass to my bro --> younger brother --> my sister in law --> mom. n then the last one is my dad, he always say dun talk too much in phone, not healthy. ( respond: oh...) Besides, when i have mood to call my sis, her respond is "wat ah, ah fan (means some1 is annoying) ."

See... This is my call to my family. damn weird n ...

But this is quite cute n funny. hehe.... for me, they hav given me a lot of freedom. Some more, i like tat they trust me.